Albaniens præsident: Alfred Moisiu

Udgiver: Kultursociolog Bjørn Andersen


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Alfred Moisiu. Præsident fra sommeren 2002. Tidligere General.

Moisiu er født 1.12.1929 i Shkodra. Han deltog i Modstandsbevægelsen under 2' Verdenskrig og fik derefter en militær uddannelse som Ingeniørofficer i Leningrad (1946-48) og Moskva (1952-58).

Han steg i graderne i Hoxha-tiden og blev desuden Doktor i militærvidenskab (1979).

Han var Chef i Forsvarsministeriet for Fæstningsværker (dvs. i dén tid hvor man byggede de mange små bunkere landet over) fra 1971 til -81. Viceforsvarsminister fra 1981 til Oktober 1982 (PM Shehu døde i december 1981).

Han blev Forsvarsminister i Overgangsregeringen i 1991-92, var Rådgiver i Forsvarsministeriet fra 1992 til 1994, hvorefter han igen var Viceforsvarsminister fra 1994 til 1997, dvs. i den sidste del af Sali Berisha's Præsidentskab.

Han stiftede den Albanske Atlantsammenslutning (en civil organisation med tilknytning til NATO) som han har været Formand for.

Moisiu er Enkemand og har 4 voksne Børn, 3 Døtre og 1 Søn. Taler Russisk, Engelsk og Italiensk.

Officielt curriculum vitae:

Education and qualification:

1941-1945: Attended the high school in the “Qemal Stafa” Gymnasium, Tirana
1946-1948: Attended the military school of Engineering in Petersburg, Russia
1952-1958: Attended of military Academy of Engineering in Moscow, terminated with “Gold Medal”.
1967-1968: Attended of high course of the General Staff in the Defense Academy in Tirana
1995- : Proceed the Course for VIP in NATO College in Rome

Professional Career
1943-1945: Participation in the National Liberation War of Albanian people
1948-1949: Platoon commander in the Joint Officers School in Tirana
1949-1951: Instructor at the Military Academy in Tirana
1958-1966: Several assignments at the Engineering Directory in MOD, Albania
1966-1971: Commander pontoon brigade, in Kavaja City, Albania
1971-1981: Director of Engineering and Fortification Directory in MOD, Albania
1981-1982: Vice-Minister of Defense, Albania till October 1982
1982-1984: Commander of Engineering Company in Burrel
10.1991-04.1992: Minister of Defense of the Technical Government
1992-1994: Adviser to the Minister of Defense
1994-1997: Vice-Minister of Defense (Covering Defense Policy)
1994: Elected President of Albanian Atlantic Association
24.06.2002: Elected President of the Republic of Albania

1994: As President of Albanian Atlantic Association has leaded Seven (7) International Conferences on the issues of peace and security in the region.
1998-2002: Has organized and leaded Three (3) National Conferences on the issue of Weapons Collection.
2002: Regional Conference on the issue of Human Security and Weapons Control.
2002: Proposed to be elected as Vice President of Atlantic Treaty Association.
2001, 2002 Brussels, 2001 Zagreb, 2002 Bucharest - Presented the project “The integration in the Trade Economy of 6000 retired militaries”, included in the Stability Pact agenda.

Has written many articles and studies on the issues of military art, on the problems of defense and security problems, which have been published inside and outside Albania. Academic Titles: Holds the title Dr. of Militaries Sciences, accorded in 1979.

Parlamentets åbning Januar 2003. »ATA« skriver 030123:

Albanian President Alfred Moisiu said on Thursday during the plenary session of Parliament that, on occasion of opening up of this new session of Parliament for 2003, "it is the job of every institution and specially of Parliament to observe the law". Moisiu appreciated as positive events of 2002, in politics and all-round Albanian life", underlining that 2003 "has the opportunity to be a historic year for Albania and the Albanians, being the year of great reforms". "It is the time that the state acquires its values and its proper place, being a guarantee of the law, security, property and freedom of the citizens", Moisiu underlined. He added that achievement of this target implies coping with "the main challenges, like fight against organised crime and corruption, deep reform of the Justice system, solution of the property question, election reform, strengthening of the public administration and the gradual fulfilment of the standards for Euro-Atlantic integration". The president assured that he would keep on with his commitment for deepening of co-operation and putting politics on the negotiations tables, as there has been the case during the recent times. Speaking on the job of the Parliament as a Constitutional Institution, Moisiu said that "Parliament can and must exert its influence in improving the legal basis, through careful selection and by consensus of the individuals due to join the institutions of the Justice system , as well as in passing draft-laws." "Government must deal with concrete commitment the demands and improve the working conditions of the people of the justice system, so that it proves to be a serious partner in governance", he said. Focusing on property question, Moisiu emphasised that a joint co-operation is needed to provide a fair solution to this problem. "Therefore, the president said "I have reached to an agreement with parties and the Government to provide a stable legal solution for this issue within February 15". Moisiu also touched the issue of local elections due to take place later this year and urged for completion in proper time of the election reform as well as the legal process of decentralisation of local governance. In regard to the work of the main constitutional institutions, President Moisiu underlined the necessity of political consensus and of a balanced representation. "So-far experience tells us that not all the laws passed by Parliament are applied in practice. No institution but Parliament, having the right of co-operation with executive authorities, can make the supervisor in regard to implementation of the law", Moisiu said. Moisiu also mentioned the official visit in Tirana of the President of European Commission Romano Prodi, due in a matter of days, and that is expected to confirm officially the opening of negotiations for the Association-Stabilisation Agreement between Albania and the EU. "This is a historic moment which paves the way to European integration. Commitment and co-operation to overcome barriers and difficulties, and determination to achieve the standards of the EU as well as NATO membership, are and have always been the principal target" Moisiu concluded

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